About Rackmire Creations (Gavin Brooks)

Gavin BrooksRackmire was founded in 2004 but it never really took off until 2008, when it started to do professional services for companies and affiliates.

A little about Gavin Brooks

My name is Gavin Brooks and I’m 25 and really have a passion for producing new websites for people and companies. There’s no better feeling than creating something that can be seen by the world. I have a wide variety of skills within the design and marketing field and I’m always looking for new challenges. I was the winner of best web design in 2004 in UK for UK Skills; unfortunately I missed out on representing my country (UK) to go up against the world as I was a few months too young to enter.

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Why the name? About Rackmire Creations

Everybody asks me “why the name?” and to be honest I don’t really know how the name came about. A design brief set out at my college studies stated I had to come up with my own design company and that it would have to include a brand name. At that stage doing research I started to notice these weird names such as Google and Yell etc that we now take for granted. And I suppose I was following suit… but most importantly having a brand that nobody else will have will make you more identifiable amongst others.

But a long story short… I was playing around with words that are similar with ‘looks’ and ‘design’. These words were admire and inspire then it was coming up with the start of Rackmire (Rack) which was frame or collection of inspirational design work. And somehow a rack of design work / creations came into it with the term Rack-mire. Interesting story I know…

Where I am now

I now work full-time as a lead designer for an online marketing company in Southampton, Hampshire. I produce mostly websites to today’s standards as well as email marketing and print based work. Working at the top-level for a digital marketing company with great management and colleagues makes going in to work easy every day.

Not only am I a designer, I have acquired skills in search engine optimisation (SEO). Both these skills go together along with website development. If you have a good knowledge of these skills you can make anything happen just like I have done so. I’ve helped multi-million pound companies be seen on the internet and not forgetting helping with setting up new small businesses online and now see them thrive even in today’s financial climate.

My history

I was always into Art at school but was mediocre/ above average to say the least but ever since I laid hands on a computer, things just took off. I started creating desktop wallpapers, small profile banners for people on community websites and forums, of which my design skills and my name Gavin Brooks started to grow from there within digital design. This led on to a college course which was; National Diploma in Design. Here I learnt the most about website design, corporate design and computer aided design specifically to do with Adobe Photoshop and bring my artwork from paper to pixel.

From there on I went onto Southampton Solent University to study Graphic Image Making. This course taught me specifics of design with computers in many different fields like animation, website design, graphic design etc. Whilst studying at University I was also doing work for local companies like product design and small graphics work, which became the start of Rackmire Creations.