When I started building new web design projects I would always forget how to make a footer stay at the bottom of a page when there’s little or no content to push it downwards. Here’s a CSS stylesheet only solution to help keep that pesky footer at bay. (literally) Feel free to copy, share, use… Read More »

Came across a very interesting issue today… I mean interesting by actually meaning frustrating. Now, you are probably reading this post because you have the same error or similar.  Just for those who don’t know, this error relates to the WordPress plugin known as Jetpack. Jetpack plugin has loads of modules built in to help… Read More »

Have you ever wondered why pages or contents within your website is appearing in search results? Or perhaps you are having problems being seen by Google, Yahoo & friends? – Well maybe it could be down to you and the way your website is configured. One of the first things you should check with your… Read More »

For my day job I have a nice mix between PHP, WordPress and ASP .NET 4.0 coding with various projects. I’ve had to make some of our e-commerce projects more SEO friendly as I found out that people were sharing the same pages from our website with a mixture of upper-case urls and lower-case… Read More »

One of the quickest and easiest tweaks you can do to your WordPress site is customising/ changing the WordPress logo and URL to your own branding/ theme’s style. We all love WordPress and everything is had to offer but simply advertising the WordPress logo and URL on a client’s website isn’t exactly ideal. But simply… Read More »