Publicize Error 32300 Jetpack plugin connecting to social accounts

Came across a very interesting issue today… I mean interesting by actually meaning frustrating. Now, you are probably reading this post because you have the same error or similar.  Just for those who don’t know, this error relates to the WordPress plugin known as Jetpack. Jetpack plugin has loads of modules built in to help promote and improve your blog or website built using wordpress.

I came across it today as I was trying to write some new content for a blog post but found out that I can’t connect to my social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. For some strange reason Jetpack was showing the following issue in the URL:


Firstly, there could be many reasons, your site may be slow, or intermittent server issues. Check that you don’t have any security plugins preventing access to areas of your website.

My first step is to deactivate plugins and turn them back on one after the other to see if it was an updated plugin problem. (I checked Jetpack services was working all ok from their website too).

our website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible

Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [HTTP 404]. Ask your web host if they allow connections from

This error was found after trying to deactivating my plugins and trying to narrow down the cause, but after you deactivate jetpack and re-activate. You’ll be required to re-login again.
Before you start cursing yourself, your webhost and going all ‘Conan the Barbarian’ over your keyboard, this issue for me at least was a problem to do with my permissions on my xmlrpc.php file of my wordpress installation. For some reason my webhost set the permissions to 00 when infact they should be 0644. After this was solved I was able to connect my jetpack plugin to my account.

Now back to the Publicize Error 32300 jetpack plugin error

After reading some WordPress support posts, people were reporting the issue and either not saying what the fix was or had theirs fixed by their host… and again not informing us folk what the solution was.

So after speaking with my host we both managed to find the error after fixing my xlmrpc.php permissions we realised it was a mod security rule which was blocking the jetpack code. I thought it could be one of my security plugins so these were deactivated first, but the issue still was  present. Check your .htaccess file and your wp-config.php for any mod sec rules that may be in place. Mine was a server update to my webspace by my host which I actually had to get them to fix.

Addressing the issue to my webhost solved my problem and together we cracked it. If you get errors like this, first step is to contact your webhost and provide as much details as possible. However, if you are still having problems I would suggest getting in contact with jetpack via their support panel here.

If this post was helpful or if you have found a solution which I haven’t mentioned above please leave a comment below to help others.

Now back to writing my original blog post!