Welcome and so it starts

Well, here’s my first blog post. I’ve got to start somewhere so I’ll keep things brief. If you haven’t looked through my website yet then please do. It would be great to get any feedback. You can do so by the comments section below or by contacting me here.

For those that haven’t read my website’s content, my website is for displaying my work during employment for Viseble & A1 Online as well as my freelance projects to build upon my portfolio of marketing services.

My blog’s primary focus will be to help other web designers like myself solve certain issues within website development and offer advice with the ever-changing world of web design and search engine optimisation. I’m sure there’s been moments when building a website you’ve forgotten how to code a certain section, whether it’s in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS or even Asp.net (Or whatever you use). So, I’m hoping this is the place to come for all like-minded and upcoming designers where all of these issues will be in one place and be saved to your favourites.

Anyway, I thought I would add some free wallpapers to download for various devices (to make this post slightly more interesting!).  Share them about etc. I’ve attached only a few resolutions including for mobile. If there’s a specific size you would like then please let me know in the comments below and I’ll get one re-sized for you.

Rackmire Wallpapers Mobile (320×480) 1024×768 1440×900 1920×1080
Light theme Download Download Download Download
Dark theme Download Download Download Download

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Give me a shout if you want these wallpapers for iPhone (earlier, 4 or 5) or Samsung Galaxy resolutions.