Rackmire has a wide range of website design services and marketing skills to help you make your mark online. If it’s offering your own services, setting up a brand or even just a hobby or interest, Rackmire Creations is the first place to go.

Website design Services

web design services built for your target audience

You may be ranking highly in search engines for your terms but do you stand out from the rest. Do you get a low conversion rate? Are your customers having problems accessing parts of your website?

There are many reasons why your may not be generating sales or leads from a website but one known fact is that if your website is looking old, or doesn’t comply with all the modern day browsers then you could be in need of a new website design.

Rackmire Creations works closely with its clients and current competitors to produce a fresh, stunning website that will put you above the rest. We have your target audience in mind which will maximise your chances of having more sales or leads but better brand awareness too.

My main expertise is based within website design that conforms to today’s web standards. I have a wide knowledge of websites from portfolios, forums and communities, large corporate websites to ecommerce site design.

To see some examples of work I have done over the years check out my portfolio.

SEO Services

seo services by rackmire

Many people in the field of SEO try and fail. A lot of people expect results in weeks and sometimes months. A good SEO strategy will take time but the results in the long run will speak for themselves and pay off hugely.

If your website relies on internet sales and leads then SEO is for you. Even if your website is just for plain informative reasons only. Nearly all website owners have to consider website and search engine optimisation. Making the content of your website more appealing and user-friendly to your visitors is key to success.

Rackmire Creations starts with an in-depth analysis of your website, relevant key terms and competitors and walks you through this whole process so you can get the most out of SEO and work towards producing better quality content that your visitors will love.

To read more about our Search Engine Optimisation services please click here.

Logo, Branding and Company Start-up Services

Logo design by Rackmire

Need a new logo? Looking to change your corporate identity? Rackmire Creations has valuable experience with producing brand awareness. I can produce designs for your logo, to letterheads, business cards, flyers and leaflets to even clothing.

View more information on our logo services or view some of our creations in the gallery.

If you’re in the market for any of the above or have something different in mind get then get in contact with your request and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs further.